Angel sighting in Titusville, FL 1968

Back in 1968 while playing kick ball with neighborhood kids at the end of Elm Terrace in Titusville Fla., we all stopped to watch two orange glowing spheres descend from the sky. They split apart, and leaving a trail of orange they drew a picture of a pig in the sky. We all assumed they were angels and we were misbehaving, which was why they drew the pig. It all took about 4 or 5 minutes and then both them went straight back up into the sky and disappeared. They were not man made, they were not spaceships and they were not flares. They were more like what we kids had thought the first time.” Angels “. Since that time I have seen many of these same orbs of all different colors which other people have reported. I personally think they are what we would call guardians and they have been here all along. From what I witness they come from another dimension and are some type of life form we know nothing about. I could care less what anybody thinks about me. I know what I saw and it was more than just some freak phenomenon.

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