UFO Sighting Khorlim Mapusa Goa India 22ND February 2015

The UFO Sighting occured at 10.00 p.m at Khorlim Canca Mapusa Goa India on 22nd February 2015 after my Wedding Day with my Best Friend Mr Akshay Kauthankar aka “Hunter”near my place….

To Tell you the Truth it has been a year that I have been looking for these Ufo’s in the Sky and than they showed up near my place on my “Wedding Day” was a great shock to me because I was very busy on that Day when the UFO’s showed up, but thanks to my best friend aka “Hunter” who captured the UFO’s on his new mobile phone………………….

A Very He@rtly Th@nk$ to “Mr Hunter” and to the “UFO’s” who appeared on my Wedding Day on 22nd February, 2015………….

Here is the video




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