UFO sighting late 1950’s multiple witnesses

Well here we go again! I witnessed one in the late 1950s while on night duty in the IoM. It was seen by RAF personnel from Four different bases and was too high for our Hunter jet sent to investigate. It remained stationary for approx. 4 hours before shooting off at unbelievable speed. We received zero answers as to what it was and we were discouraged from discussing it with anyone anywhere.

Stay open minded everyone…we have only learned how to fly in the past 100 years so any other life form could be far ahead of us in technology. Why do scientists insist that other life forms could only exist on planets similar to ours and why do they assume aliens must be humanoid in appearance? A friend who was flying a jet from Cyprus around that time saw one and was instructed to say nothing about it. There have been many more reports but our rulers have kept them quiet for many years. They are slowly losing their grasp on it so more censorship and control is what is destined for the future to continue this trend.

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