UFO Sighting Maelgwyn School, Llandudno Junction 1977

This happened at Maelgwyn School, Llandudno Junction. First half of 1977. Bright sunny weather. Break time. Teachers also out on playground duty. Look up and there’s a UFO hanging in complete silence at the end of the old people’s home on the other side of the narrow street. It hangs there for quite a while before slowly moving along the old people’s home, towards the hill with the Catholic church on it. When it goes over the crest of the hill, it passes out of sight.

Years later, I heard that the children in the school at the top of the other hill in Llandudno Junction (Nant-y-Glyn School, I think) had seen the same thing. No sound, no flashing lights, smooth metallic grey, no lines or bolts or windows or doors visible. -jones

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