UFO Sighting New South Wales, Australia 2015

Few years ago a mate and I were travelling along a highway on East coast of NSW and what we both saw cannot be explained as anything but UFO activity. I very rarely look at the night sky while driving but I thought I saw a large aeroplane which was unusual for the area so I was intermittently checking that area and then it seemed to vanish (thought I had seen blinking red light).

A few minutes after I gave up my mate tells me to look at the sky, I couldn’t really see anything but he tells me to pull over. We both saw the same thing. There were 3 objects slightly red/orange in colour moving around the sky at incredible speed and manoeuvrability.

They all met up in what looked like a triangular formation then took off in different directions. One of them stopped what looked like 25km away. I would estimate the speed upon leaving the area was around 0.5 seconds to travel 25km, I tracked one which didn’t stop and the one that stopped, my mate fortunately tracked the one I didn’t. -Ash

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