UFO sighting on the way home to Teddington, GB in Summer 2012

The first time I saw red shinning bulbs in the sky was about 3 years ago……….They seemed to be static in the sky and high up………Then one night I came home from Teddington and walked along near the motorway where all the lights were on and saw about 90 or over 100 of these bright red bulbs in the sky coming from Heathrow…….They were certainly going fast and all the same way toward the West but stayed quit low in the sky…….It was one night the Olympics was on in London and people were still coming home on the buses etc……At first I thought there must be some kind of exercise with helicopters as the lights were so bright………

They were NOT lanterns as they didn’t flicker and all were in unison with each other and must have had a speed of 50 mph as they headed off in the distance.

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