UFO Sighting Over 2 Weeks in 1989 Near Puerto Rico

This has been going on for far longer than the DoD is admitting. I saw something, along with a number of my shipmates, in 1989 while serving on board the Saratoga. I worked on the flight deck as an Aviation Bosuns Mate (Aircraft handler). One night around midnight a friend who worked in the Combat Information Center asked a few friends and myself to come out on one of the sponsons so he could show us something. He points out a light a little bit above the horizon and tells us it is a UFO.

At first we laughed at him but he told us to watch it for a bit and note the colors. It was flickering red, green, white, blue over and over again. I realized that none of our aircraft had lights like that but was still skeptical. He told us to wait and watch. After a while the ships horn blew 1 time indicating a turn to port. As the ship turned and we watched the light moved to maintain its position perfectly relative to the ship.

I said it was probably just the DoD testing some new aircraft but my friend told us that we had sent aircraft to investigate but none of them could get close. The object would move away from the aircraft we sent to investigate at a speed the F-18’s could not match. This was down near Puerto Rico and the light followed us every night in the exact same position for about 2 weeks -B

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