UFO Sighting over Wicklow, Ireland 2018

I Was fishing in Wicklow in the old Grattan Estate one night for sea-trout in the Dargle me and a vet from Yorkshire no not named Siegried Tristan or James and we came up from the water to change flies and have a smoke (sea-trout are fierce skittish any light at all and they’re put down for the night)

I was looking at the Sugarloaf big lump of quartz and granite shining faintly in the moonlight and saw a bright light hanging in the air above the mountain and then it started pulling manoeuveres no airframe I’ve ever heard of could pull. Zig-zag zip zap zoom times seemed almost a blur then it shot off behind the Sugarloaf. What was that said I ”Ah doan’t know an ah doan’t want t’know” replied the vet and went back down to the water.

Might have been perturbations in the frigid upper atmosphere causing some star or planet to seem to shimmy but it was way too big and never saw star nor planet disappear behind a mountain at like Mach 3. Cavan, Ireland -Kynos

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