UFO Sighting Plymouth, Massachusetts 1997

I swear I have seen a genuine UFO and really, really close. It was a round, opaque, yellowish ball, about six foot above my head. At first I thought it was a balloon but then immediately realised it was travelling in a perfectly straight line and rotating as it moved it hoovered above my head for a little while and then shot up into thin air. This happened in 1997, in Plymouth, and the two people I was with that night don’t remember a thing. Nobody believed me for years.

In 2003 my dad saw the same thing, in the same area, while using his telescope. This time it was a long way away but due to his telescope, and the bright sunny day, he had a really close view. It was exactly as I described.

Ten years later my boss called in disbelief to say she had seen the same thing in the same area, exactly as described. It doesn’t matter what it means, I just know what I saw and it wasn’t a balloon!

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