UFO sighting south of Los Mochis, Mexico

I had the privilege to see to see a UFO over Mexico south of Los Mochis, I was living in Los Mochis at the time an about 2:30 in the morning my step-son woke me and told me to hurry , come and look. Looking out the bedroom window south we watched the object play in the sky. How it was reacting reminded me of one of the first computer games of tennis.

I was afraid to go get my camera as I might miss something. We watched this object for well over an hour and then it stopped in one spot and became white like a star. It slowly rose as the morning neared and when the sun came up if you didn’t know it would appear as a morning star. To start it was round, more like a saucer shape, orange in color with red,green blue and white lights on each side.

Seeing this never jarred my religious belief, it just made me think how great God really was. -Rex

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