UFO Sighting Western Nebraska early 2000’s

Years ago, when I was twelve, (Currently in my late twenties now) I had a UFO experience out in Western Nebraska close to Wyoming. Outside of Valentine NE to be exact. For many minutes my family and I watched what appeared to be this very slender and silver bright object move throughout the sky in the middle of the night while we
were out camping. It also appeared to be very massive. I can remember it clearly because it was so eerily haunting, but yet so intoxicating and exciting to witness.

Here’s the thing, when we first saw the object in the sky I remember grabbing my dad’s arm at the time and asking “Dad is that a plane? Dad is that a satellite? Dad what is it?” And my dad saying “No, it’s definitely not a satellite,” and then he said “I’ve never seen a plane move or look that, it’s definitely not a plane.” I just remember the panic in his voice. Also, the way the object was shaped and the way it moved, it was totally unexplainable. It almost appeared instantly and we watched it move above our campsite for several minutes.

Then it was just suddenly gone. It’s most eerie thing I’ve ever really experienced. It might be the only experience I’ve ever had, but it truly has made me a believer in this phenomenon. I always still think back to that night and I can remember what I saw as clear as day. The object was very big and moved in a way that was unlike anything I had ever seen ever.

NASA really makes me mad about their whole ufo cover up scheme, because I know what I saw, and what my dad saw. We still talk about it to this day and still wonder how it moved the way it did and what it exactly was. -Jillian B

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