UFO southwest of Altus Air Force Base Oklahoma 2007

I live in southwest Oklahoma about fifty miles from altus air force base. in 2007 me and five other people were riding horses at night on a trail to get back to the barn we had to turn west and travel a good mile or so. at the point of turning around to go back someone noticed a light by the moon it was pitch black as there is very few homes nearby for miles. the huge light seemed to blot out half the sun from our view. the strange part was it was also to the west as if hovering close to the far off base.

we observed it move forward rapidly stop on a dime hover for a minute lower down a good quarter mile then zipped backward to its original position it also went diagonal to the lower right then jumped a few miles to the right in a heartbeat. all in all we viewed the fiery oval shaped disc for an hour. even when we put then horses up and went to Geronimo which is a half mile south of the barn we could still see the object for about five minutes.

everyone was very confused and it seemed as if time had stopped on that trail and my horse was at a crawl to the point where I got off and pulled it to the barn. when we made it into town a group of a dozen or so teenagers we knew walked up and said we would never guess what they just saw. we didn’t have to guess….

I have never believed in the paranormal or other intelligent life forms til that day it has inspired me to get a degree in theoretical physics I owe it to that day and I will never forget it. -kyle

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