UFO swoops past small plane Jacksonville, FL 9/12/2013

Last night at around 10:10 on 9/12/2013 I saw something astonishing as I was taking my dog out for our nightly walk. It was a beautiful starry night without a cloud in sight with a very minimal breeze in the air. We were walking along the side of the road and headed towards the big fish pond in the front of the neighborhood. I kept looking up towards the sky and admired the various constellations and wondered if we will actually be able to see this comet ISON we keep hearing about with the naked eye in the coming months.

We approached the side of the pond slowly as my dog sniffed around in the grass looking for a spot to go. That’s when at about 10:22PM we see a pale white light slowly flying over head about the altitude you’d see a smaller private airplane fly kind of low. It was just a white light the tone you’d see from an incandescent bulb in your home. This light was on a straight trajectory over my neighborhood. No blinking lights just a constant light. I watched it as I continued to walk my dog having to slowly step backwards to keep my eyes on it.

Over in the other direction I noticed a small airplane coming in my direction. Now I had something in the sky to compare it to and it clearly had no flashing lights of any kind. The UFO was headed in the same direction as the airplane. I thought to myself surely the pilot will see this thing if he hasn’t already. I stood there and watched the UFO slowly cruise by and it seemed to adjust its altitude to that of the small airplane coming towards it. It looked like it was on a head on collision for the airplane! HOLY SHIT I Couldn’t believe what I was seeing! If they collide it will be over one of many many houses and apartments. I know the pilot and or passengers of the small airplane coming towards us HAD to see this thing now!! It was headed straight for it! Was this some kind of aerial move? Were the pilots communicating with each other in the air?

The UFO was slowly approaching the airplane. It was very close now. I couldn’t help but wonder what the pilot of the airplane must have been thinking when he saw this light if he had any idea what it was. They were extremely close to each other I was waiting for one of them to do something drastic. As they looked dangerously close the UFO passed right next to the airplane to the left maybe two airplane wing lengths from the small airplane. That’s the best way I can describe it because I could easily see the wings of the plane. The UFO continued its 90 degree angle turn as the small plane kept straight on its original course. As the plane got close to over head from me I can’t say this for certain but it appeared it had dropped speed compared to how fast it was moving before. I am guessing that it tried to slow down as much as possible when it saw that thing approaching him. I don’t know why but I kind of turned my phone on and off again to make the screen light up (it’s pretty big) to kind of attempt to signal the pilot to kind of say that “Oh yeah I saw that too!” No idea if he got the message. Anyways my eyes were still drawn primarily to the UFO. I watched it for about 20 more seconds as it passed the airplane from a near collision. It all the sudden seemed to flip a switch and the main white light went off and then a different kind of light came on from the bottom of the craft. It was a bright red light blinking from the bottom. It was a slow on and off pulse. This light was positioned on a different location of the UFO at the bottom and helped give me more insight into the dimensions of this craft. It looked as if there was a long vertical cylinder and then a smaller part in the middle of the craft protruding fowards I guess where the occupants would be located.

I no longer cared about the plane and watched this UFO slowly pulsate and continue along. It seemed to continue to arc as if it was going to make a full circle, but it didn’t. It started heading more towards the back of my neighborhood and I soon lost sight of it because some houses got in the way. I decided to follow this thing with my dog and we quickly walked down the street to go around the house to continue to watch this thing. I wanted to see it for as long as I could to see if it did anything else. We walked pretty quickly I almost wanted to run but I was confident we would still see it no problem due to the speed it was going. As we got around it to walk down the next street to watch it I couldn’t find it. I looked all around to see maybe if it switched back to the white light. It was gone. We quickly ran to the next street over where there weren’t many houses or trees and I could see it. I couldn’t. The thing just vanished.

This whole thing lasted about 6 minutes. I saw the ufo for almost 5 of those minutes. I know the pilot saw something crazy last night probably in much greater clarity than me and I wish I knew how to get in contact with him. I couldn’t help but feel that the UFO did that on purpose and was almost toying with him. This was in jacksonville/St Augustine area Florida around county road 210. All I can tell you is keep your eyes to the skies you never know what you might see because these visitors are REAL

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