UFO with fire around it Jacksonville Florida, near race track road 1-21-2016

A normal night for me driving home from work. It was around 7:30PM I was going about 45 miles in the left hand lane. There was something several hundred feet in the air to my left. At first I thought it was a hot air balloon. Looked nothing like a helicopter that we often see going to the near by hospital. Then I thought it was pretty cold weather. And there was fire above it continuously. Well I thought it was fire. Other cars were slowing down.

I pulled off the road to a side business. I watched it and it clearly was not a hot air ballon. There was a nother car pulled off with hazards on maybe looking at it too. There seemed to be flames or fire some kind of discharging from the object. I couldn’t see the shape it was a very dark thing with the blaze around it. The size of a small airplane. Then in a second it was just gone it did not fly off or crash. It was the most unusual looking thing I have witnessed not any kind of pyrotechnics or airshow. It all lasted less than a minute. -Jacob

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