UFO witnessed in 1989

In October, 1989, I was driving on the Merrit Pkwy North, getting off exit 38 at rte 123. I saw it before I began to exit, the exit turns you around 180 degrees to a stop sign. It approached over my vehicle at about 100 feet in the air. it was delta shaped, lit amber along the leading edge, going about 15 MPH. I felt as if I could jump up and touch it was so low. It was silent, about 75 feet wide, and I have no idea what the hell it was. Never seen it before, never seen it again. I can remember that day like it was yesterday.

We, humanity, have been flying for 98 years, plus or minus. If you look at the strata of rock where they blasted along your highway, go about 20 feet down, that different looking layer. Let’s say that is 20 million years old. Whoever is flying these things could have begun their experiments with flying about that time. We are so uppity about what we are sure of, the limit of the speed of light, the lack of other dimensions…in about 1830, the head of a science foundation said that if trains reached 50 MPH, one’s breath would be sucked out of one’s lungs, therefore, it would be impossible to have a train go that fast.

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