UFO witnessed while in the Ground Observer Corp

I belonged to the ground observer corp back in 1954. We use to watch the sky’s for invading Russian planes. One night we saw something I have never forgotten it floated over a field about 1/2 mile from us we reported it to the clearing center and at a meeting with the military commander in charge 3 months later (annual meeting) he commended us on the report saying that contact was made by the air force he could not say if it was visual or what but he did say it was classified. Trust me once you see one all doubt is gone at the time I didn’t even know what a UFO was (I was 15). I have some one I know that thought all the UFO stuff was crazy talk he would berate those that even talked to him about it. Then about a year ago he went out to the store (he was visiting in MT) well he got to see one first hand and he now tells everyone and no longer is a doubter. The guy works as and engineer for one of the big aerospace companies so he is not easily fooled.

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