Uncle’s Ghost / Parent’s Haunted House

First I’d like to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the experiences here and have had several of my own. One I will share with you happened as a teen after I was visited by my dead uncle who had passed away over two years ago.. I awoke with a startle to find him floating over my bedroom door holding a young girl with ringlet blonde curls and a red outfit.

The only thing I can think of about that girl is that she is possibly a long lost sister of mine, my mother has hinted at an abortion in past conversations but has never come outright and admitted it. And I don’t know enough about my uncle’s past to make a deeper connection with her.

It was the creepiest experience ever that weirded me out for a long time, but looking back, I feel he was saying goodbye to me and saying that he was at peace on the other side.

I have also seen figures more than once walking along the side of the rode as if hitchhiking but when I follow the figure they disappear. Not to mention my parents house built in 1920’s in NY is haunted. My folks believe this and never told me until I had moved out then they filled me with weird stories about growing up there. Mom says they are scared to be alone in it. I have heard people walking upstair when everyone was asleep or gone. Sometimes I’ve heard my name whispered directly in my ear or heard it being called from afar downstairs when nobody is there!

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