Demon watching me

Back in Puerto Rico I remember I was in my small bed as a little child maybe 5 years old. I can remember all these many years later. My mother was outside the room washing clothes. It was early but still dark i think around 530am. I was awake just laying there and I was watching the wall. It was a regular brick wall. That is when I saw the demon. I was awake. I saw the little man. It was small. Gray. Gray colored with wrinkled face around the lower part of it eyes. It was walking sideways on the brick wall. My bed was in the corner of the room. I just watching it. My mother was on the other side of the patio washing the clothes. I watch it blinking its eyes and watching me. All black eyes could not see the pupil. I could see the nostrils but no nose. There was very small ears. And it had some kind of smell. A strong smell. Like a chemical kind of smell. I was thinking as I am older it was some kind of phosphorous or sulfer kind of smell. It was strong but I cant tell you what kind of smell it is. I screamed to my mother. Mom!! Mom!! Come here!!! It was not a man the demon. It was small almost 3 feet. It could walk on the walls. My mom came to my room and I told her mom there was something on the wall. I saw a demon. She told me no I was dreaming. It was not real go to sleep.

After that many years later I asked my mom if she remembered that night I had the bad dream that scared me as a small child. She say yes. I tell her that I was awake when. I saw that mom it was true. I was not dreaming I was awake.

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