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I believe in Alien LIfe, Only a very naive person would make the quote “Humans are the only intelligent life”, news flash for you…. we are not that special at all, in fact we are barbaric in most things in life. With that said let me tell you of an encounter,..

We used to own a B&B in Devon and one evening years ago just at sunset we saw this craft approaching in the darkness through the thick fog. It had dim lights almost flickering, red flashes from behind it. This craft did not move very fast but making a strange screeching noise and a slight clanking. one bright light shone forwards and one shining slightly upwards and a dimmer one shining down. Pieces of debris seemed to be falling off or being deployed by the craft onto the surroundings.

It came to a complete stop near our place and still with the thick fog I could tell this craft had its landing gears down. Three very thin emaciated creatures got out. They had a small machine into which one of them got into (it was some sort of a chariot for the leader I believed), and the other walked slowly behind the leader. The third smallest creature emerged from the rear of the craft hunched over. It had a very thin cylindrical device on wheels (much smaller than the chariot) it pushed in front of itself and that thing would make a periodic squeak as it moved.

I was terrified as they approached in formation and I could hear their slight gasping as if struggling to breathe in our atmosphere. The one with the smaller device seemed to have something on its face to aid it in adapting to our environmental conditions. They initially seemed to have very large black eyes bit this turned out to be very dark circles. One had long spindly limbs and pushed the leader in the chariot with rear basket. It turned out they were three pensioners from Swansea, the husband pushing the wife in a wheelchair and the aunt with her oxygen tank. The spacecraft was a Fiat Panda ….

These Visitors of ours had the Fiat Panda and during polite conversation, they told us it could do 0 to 60mph in about 20seconds. Impressive acceleration this technology they have. But here’s where theoretical astro-physics comes into it. Now I know it’s not possible at the moment, but let’s imagine that the Fiat Panda could continue to increase its speed by 60 kph every 20 seconds. I’m not a rocket scientist (or a mechanic) but I calculate that it would reach 4000mph after 2hours 13minutes and 3.2seconds (corrected to 1 decimal place). So my point is it looks like someone has solved the acceleration problem to travel these distances. And we are clearly not alone.

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