Voice from Beyond Saved Us

I remember driving me and my friend to work one evening, the traffic was really busy in both directions, as we approached the traffic lights leading to our works, we could here police sirens in the distance, the lights for us had gone on green for us to turn into our place of works, when I heard a voice from the back seat very calmly tell me “not to move to stay put”.

My friend said “come on the lights are on green”. but the voice again told me not to move, then out of know where this car being chased by the police was heading right at us, I told my friend to brace herself as the car headed towards us, I was about to put my foot down and try to veer out of the way, when voice from the back seat shouted at me to stay put.

I just closed my eyes thinking this is the end we’re going to die. Within I split second the car being chased by the police somehow managed to miss us. even the Police and witnesses couldn’t believe how they had missed hitting us. I do think we had a Ghost/Angel protecting us.

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