We saw it land in the field

This summer me and two friends saw some thing weird. There was an object in the sky above and quite far which was not an airplane or a satellite and had blue,redish lights flickering in a strang way. The object successively had NO lights and than you could see a dark spot moved from being above us in the sky to infront of us in the horizon. This object changed form and got closer to us slowly decided to than land in the middle of a crop field about two football fields away from us. We both look at eachother and said we dont know what it this is!It was not a helicopter! Interested to check what that was? No way….we ran to the car, fumbled with the keys and drove fast fast away. Faster than I have ever driven that hunk of junk. After this happened it really made me think about all those nutjobs saying they saw something. I reckon 90% is not real and 10% is. Something which beyond a shadow of a doubt makes you think is also passenger plane pilot recordings about these things. If pilots don’t know what an object in the sky is after 30 years flying experience than who can tell. And it’s not on radar. It also made me understand how it is possible to hide something this big, and I haven’t told many people about my story because thats how society works no?

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