We saw something driving home from work

Hello to all. Just a few months ago i was with my new husband and we were driving our normal route home from work. It was dark enough outside that stars were beginning to appear (around 7:30). I am always on the lookout for deer so I happened to be staring out of the window. As we approach a familiar house on a familiar road, I see there is a strange yellowish light hovering above the house. As we get closer, I can see that the light is too close to be a star, or a helicopter, and as we pass, I can see the regular stars/cloud behind this light, in the distand background. As we turned into our community, I saw another one, then two together, as we pulled up to our house, there was one hovering above the house across the way. I kept trying to show my husband the other lights, but he was driving and didnt see. I said, “Look, it’s just sitting there.” And he said, “It’s moving now.” Sure enough, this one started moving slowly, in a straight line, and left our field of vision. I went upstairs to get a better view and they were all moving together, at the same pace. Then they faded and dissappeared. They did not fall or change speed as they faded. These were not laterns. It was a cold night, and everyone was in their homes, no doubt eating dinner. I’ll never forget it. Just glad my husband saw one too.

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