White noise and leaving my body

I’m not sure what to make of this. I have had it happen to me several times in my life. The first when I was just about 14 years old I had an very lucid experience. I went to sleep and all of the sudden I started hearing this loud noise like a swarm of bees coming out of my ears, then silence, total silence. I felt I was trying to sit in bed and when I open my eyes I saw the room, my little brother sleeping in his bed by my side, the light of the moon coming in from the window, it was enough light to see almost everything in the room, everything look so normal until I “moved” my arms, I know I was “moving” my arms in front of me but I couldn’t see them! then I tried a couple more times but nothing happened; it was only then when I looked down and saw my whole body still in sleeping position one of the freakiest moments I ever had. I turned left and saw my brother again, and I could hear him breathing, then I guess I was getting to scared and I remember closing my eyes and trying to push down to my body, then I opened my eyes and I could see my hands, went to restroom and ran water in the sink and splashed my face trying to figure it out just what happened!

Well then the second time I heard this noise it was about age 17 then again when I was like 23 and after that a couple more times but I was little scared to open my eyes so, I never knew what would that be, to be able to travel whenever you want to go or maybe do some other things, who knows. I could just go into another state of being.

Somebody once told me that when you remember one place that you know never been there, like a street or building etc,is because when we sleep our astral body separate from the physical body and go many places, that’s why we remember things like this, I don’t know if that’s true but is very interesting. Also, many of us when dreaming, feeling like going into this deep hole or “falling down” a building sensation, then, when we are about to hit the bottom, sudden wake up from sleep! and he said is when astral body come back to body and mostly of the times we don’t remember this, and all the times that this happens, at least me, I’m facing the ceiling never side ways!

Anyways, just want it to share this story.

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