Witnessed 3 UFOs with a friend Sydney, Australia November 2014

I have seen 3 ufos one time alongside a friend, it lasted for about 90 seconds, about 18 months ago. We both recalled the event with no irregularities but seeing different parts (there were 3 to look at). Swear on my life without a shadow of a doubt these 3 craft were something out of this world and totally genuine experience here. The speed and the way they moved is something that you would not believe unless you saw it with your own eyes. There is no possible way it could have been anything apart from controlled craft. It was surreal.

When they finally ‘departed’ after moving around the night sky one of them went like this one in the video which I believe was in the horizontal plane in a 0degree (directly away). They had all come together very close together but could still make out there were 3 of them. The other two went 90deg and 270deg in the horizontal plane. I only saw the one which went to the left and the 0deg, my friend saw the 0deg and 90deg. The 0deg just sort of vanished just like this video but the other one travelled 20km at least in less then a second and just stopped then vanished like the 0deg after about 3 more seconds. Basically they shot off in different directions at incredible speed after moving around for the first part in much shorter quick bursts. They were multi colored but mostly reddish. -Ash

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