Witnessed a Sophisticated Craft of Unknown Origin

I have a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science and a Master’s in climatology. Two years ago I witnessed what can only be described as a very large, very sophisticated craft of unknown origin hovering very near a nuclear power station near where I live. With my training as well as previous military experience, I knew at once that this was not something that could be explained away as a misidentified aircraft or a secret military vehicle (oh, how I wish we did have something with its capabilities!) I reported it to online websites as well as to the local media. In the days and weeks that followed I was attacked and ridiculed by persons unknown online and over my home phone. The most ridiculous explanations were proffered. I was even told by one man that I couldn’t possibly see the power station from my side of the river (absolutely untrue). That sighting has radically changed my thinking on this subject. I do not profess to know how they manage it, but I know the aliens are here.

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