Witnessed something inexplicable whilst out walking my dogs

I had no strong beliefs about ufo’s one way or another until I saw something so inexplicable whilst out walking my dogs. I noticed first that the air seemed very still and ‘charged’ and there was a smell like melting plastic. Also the air seemed ‘brown’ in colour. (you had to be there to understand). As we approached a field there was an object hovering just above the ground. It’s size varied – it seemed to be ‘pulsing’ – alternately shrinking and growing, varying in size from about 6 feet across to around 20 or more. It was circular and had sections which revolved independently. There were wisps of smoke or steam coming out of rectangular depressions all around the edge.

It seemed to ‘see’ us and began to get closer, at which point we took off for home at a run. I hadn’t been drinking, and even if i had it couldn’t explain the dogs, which were going bonkers and pulling for home.I still get shivers when we pass that field, and the dogs still pull desperately to get away.

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