Witnessed UFO landing in Stanwood, Washington Summer of 1991

We witnessed a ufo craft about land in front of us over 20 years ago. It was in the Summer of 1991. My friend and I were driving back home to Centralia, WA from North Stanwood. I recall that we were going down frank waters rd at around 9:00 pm when we saw it. We were rounding the corner at the old Macarthy family farm and we saw a light shinning from the upper atmosphere beaming the light down in the farmers field.

Thinking this was really strange we pulled over to take a look. It about 5 minutes for the object to touch down over the field. It wasn’t actually touching the ground but was within inches. To get an idea of how large this object was the macarthy farm is about 15 acres. When the object came down it occupied about a 1 mile of total space. The only reason why I saw the whole object was because it came down nose first. It was shaped oddly like an arrow, and it had a rectangular cut out toward the rear of the vehicle. It had many different layers and sections like living areas and work space. That is if there were people our size in there. The noise was like it had a subsonic hum. A few minutes after touchdown it just blanked out into nothing like it phased in to the surroundings.

We were gone after that not knowing what was next. Seeing this object it was clear to me that we were not alone in this galaxy.

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