Wyoming UFO September 2012

My wife and I saw something like some of what I’ve read here while on our drive to Calif. around Sept. 22 2012. It was in Wyoming. We were coming out of an underpass near some raggedy ass town, maybe around Rawlins.

Anyway, suddenly we felt a powerful updraft on the car as we went down this forested area, looked up and saw above us what seemed to be a whizzing, darting black disc. It was very shiny like a brand new expensive paint job on a sports car in the bright sun. Only when it was pretty much right above us did we feel, very briefly, the force of it. It moved like a dragonfly. It does not always fly too fast for the human eye, but it vanished mighty quickly.

I asked the people at the next gas station if they had heard of such a thing but they said they hadn’t. I asked various other people in Montana when we stopped there. Nada. Some folks I spoke with wouldn’t even make eye contact and had zero interest. Not even making the effort to roll their eyes to make us feel crazy. That trip changed us my eyes are open to what is going on. Everything is a distraction to keep us calm and complacent.

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