Yiayia and Papou

My family were sitting at the dinner table one night, my brother left, and at that moment, the door leading to the patio opened and shut quickly. It wasn’t the wind, you had to bend the door handle to open it which the ghost appeared to do. My mum has always been sensitive to ghosts. One time when we were looking for a new house, she walked to the top of the stairs and felt a bad feeling. Of evil and dread she said. The person who was selling the house later told us that someone died by getting pushed down the stairs. Anyway, so we’re all frightened and all of a sudden we all stand up and my mum starts crying, and claims that it’s gone through her, honestly the way she was reacting, a good actor would struggle to react like that. She started crying. The night before, she said that she missed her yiayia and papou (we’re Greek) I guess they were just paying her a visit.

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